Piano 101

privacy policy


We respect your right to privacy. We aim to collect as little data about you as we can, while providing you with the service you expect. Broadly speaking, we collect some amount of data when you visit our web site, use our apps, purchase our apps, or send us diagnostic information for debugging purposes.

This policy describes the data we collect, how it is handled, and what your options are for limiting our collection of it.

Data Sharing

The data we collect from you is not shared with any other entity, except as described in the “Services We Use” section below. We may be required by law in some situations to share data with law enforcement or other government agencies.

Services We Use

Your data may be collected by third-party services that we use when you purchase our apps or contact us for support. Here are links to the privacy policies of companies whose services we use, and a description of when and why we use their services:

  • Apple. Most of our apps are available for purchase through Apple’s iOS App store. Because our apps run on Apple’s iOS based devices, information about your use of our apps may be collected by Apple.

Software Update and News Check

Our apps include built-in support for communicating with our web servers to check for updated versions of our software, and to check for important news updated pertinent to your use of our software.

Versions of our apps that are downloaded directly from Red Sweater’s web site include functionality for automatically checking for updated versions of the software. This functionality can be disabled completely in the Preferences panel of each app.

All of our apps include functionality to automatically contact our servers for critical news announcements. This functionality can be disabled in MarsEdit, but cannot be disabled in our other apps.

App Store Purchases

When you purchases an IAP  of Piano 101 from Apple’s  App Store, we do not receive any of your personal data. When you launch one of our apps after downloading it from the  App Store, we use the anonymous data from Apple’s App Store Receipt to confirm the app is licensed for use on your device. We also use this anonymous data to confirm your eligibility for discounts when upgrading to newer versions of our apps. When you select an older version of one of our apps that has been downloaded from the  App Store, we transmit the anonymous receipt data to our servers for validation with Apple. We do not keep a permanent copy of this receipt data.

Customer Support

When you contact us for support via email feng.liu@realflytech.com, we store a copy of your inquiry, our response, and any follow-ups, on servers operated by Manuscript, a third-party service. We periodically request and store backups of this data. We retain customer support interactions so we can reference past interactions when you contact us for support with any of our products.

When you contact us for support via Facebook or Twitter, those companies may collect and store data about your inquiry. We do not currently collect or store data on our servers about those inquiries.

Crash Reporting

Many of our  apps include a built-in crash reporter that is designed to detect a crash (when the app stops running unexpectedly), and offer you the choice of reporting the crash to us.

When a crash is detected, you will be prompted with an alert describing the crash and giving you the opportunity to send data about the crash to our servers. You may be prompted to grant access to your Contacts database. If you approve the request, our software will only access the “Me” card from your Contacts database, and use it to pre-populate the email field in the crash submission. We use your email address to follow-up on crash reports when we are able to offer workarounds, or when we want to request more information about a crash to improve our chances of permanently fixing the bug that caused the crash.

The information you submit when you report a crash is transferred to the same service, Manuscript, that we use to manage customer support inquiries. Effectively, you can consider a crash report as being handled identically to a support email that contains all the same information that a crash report includes.

Policy Clarification

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns about our handling of your data, or to request that we delete the data we may have stored about you.